Casual Pixel Studio / Why we choose Haxe (OpenFL + Flixel) for Pixel Blackjack

Did you ever try to create a game? If so you know the frustrations that comes with it.

This was about to change (slightly) when i got introduced to Haxe, but first lets see what i wanted and why everything else sucked (for me)

My Wishes:

Why everything but Haxe sucked:

Came to make the world a better place: Haxe

Honestly, Haxe is weird. Have you ever heard of a language that compiles in different languages and does this well? Me neither. However it is there, and to my surprise it really does a good job. Instead of a IDE they extend popular Editors like Sublime Text or VSCode (eww) The language and APIs are logically designed. The language kinda easy to pickup (Its designed after AS3, but i never done flash before so i dont really know)

I dont want to say its easy to get started. Hence its not even easy to figure out what there is and why you'd use what. After some digging i settled on OpenFL and Flixel but all the other options looked interesting as well. However i decided that the Game API Flixel provides mostly looked like something i could work with.

Building the Game

As said i would not call it easy. However it's not hard either. After working through some deprecated tutorials i just settled for a new project and started to copy paste tutorial code snippets until i figured out how everything works. The Flixel Docs definitly were helpful as well.

As you'd expect the game actually works on pretty much any building target Haxe provides. This doesnt stop with Android and iOS but also includes Playstation if you want. Next to having dedicated targets for Mac, Linux and Windows plus something that compiles super fast and is called "Neko"

Only when we included Third party things (Like ads, crash reports) the app got slightly more platform specific. Third party SDKs are usually build in the targets language so they are not available on Targets they werent coded for. However its super easy to do things like #if android.

It took me about 4 weeks from start to finish, honestly thats not bad at all for a full game in a new language.


Give Haxe a try. Really do. Even if you dont want to create games it is a fun environment to work in and a good thing to know about.

Maybe i'll add some (not outdated [for now]) Tutorials about the process later!

For now check out: Pixel Blackjack to see the result!